Although the suffering and death that occurred there ended long ago, the sanatorium would always be haunted by the past, and by the souls that suffered.

 One night, from the stairwell I was in, I heard a noise coming from a hallway.  Cowardly, I held the camera through the doorway into the darkness and snapped the following picture . . .

Image has not been altered.  View negative scan Here

I originally intended to post the above picture because of the presence that appears in the foreground.  When I scanned and enlarged it for the site however, I noticed a few more strange things about it.  Look in the window of the door at the end of the hall . . . Click on it.


Image has not been altered.  View negative scan Here

While in the attic of the Female Employee Home, a ghostly fog was creeping in through one of its windows, almost as if it was reaching for me.  Look under the window . . . Click on it.


In this photo of the Infirmary building, taken during its construction in 1918, you can see the image of what appears to be the face of a little girl looking down over the workers.  Look at the top floor, second opening from the left . . . Click on it.


Photo and story submitted by Jay M.

My band mates and I (from the north jersey metal band Psypher) went up to the sanatorium to take some band photos amongst the dilapidated ruins of the remaining places.  After doing a few shots down in the power house area, our friend reviewed the pictures.  One of the first ones he came to made him gasp and nearly drop his camera.  A mysterious mist had taken over an entire photo.  What's even more freaky is that the mist seems to take on the shape of an image - the image of a face - right near the top.  I can clearly see the eyes, nose, and mouth of what appears to be a young female.  It almost looks like she's screaming or wailing in agony.


More strange pictures taken at the sanatorium:


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