"The Winged"

Thereís a knot in my stomach
it's being pulled tighter
black eyes dart
searching, watching
Iím a stranger here
this is not my house
Iím an outsider
trying to get in
hoping to understand
to feel and think
what they did
what they are

I know Iím
being followed
at a distance
through the barren
ruined halls
yet I still try to
be quiet
Do they sleep in
those rusted beds?
eat off the
decaying floor?
on and on
they spin around me
mocking me
wondering why I care
broken glass
now sets them free
to fly
where only the winged
were allowed

Emily Michelson
July 28, 1993


Never again
I will walk
through the overgrown
mesmerized by
the beastly structure
surrounding me
always turning
looking, watching
waiting for it

Never again
I will travel
through the peeling
awed by
the evil aura
tickling me
always hesitating
backwards, forwards
waiting for it

Never again
I will sit
in the blackened
gutted theatre or
sour rotten moldy
haunted by
the dark gloom
spying on me
always there
controlled, laughing
waiting for me

Emily Michelson
December 6, 1993

"Pavilion #10"

Pavilion number ten
how does it feel?
To be the last
unbroken limb
in a massive body
to offer shelter
one last night
amongst your crushed joints
I see your
weeping eyes
already blasted out
and your skin
punctured with
a piece of your
own finger
And when that
last gust of wind
fills you for
the final time
youíll see the past soar by
and one lonely
tear will fall...

Emily Michelson
November 16, 1993

"The Day"

Remember how tall it stood?
So powerful and knowing
I didnít think it could be hurt
So beautiful
even its terrible decay
Still holding the pride it held
when it was young
If it didnít like you
youíd be spit out
but this was my playground
this is where I belonged
I was there from the start
one day Iíll be able to say
but they took it from me
Destroyed the inner soul
Now I sit in the ruins
ruins of my past
Much longer ago then
I can remember
I try to piece together why
why I belong
How could they do that?
Watch it innocently die
Majestically fall to its roots
to leave behind

Emily Michelson
September 7, 1993